An Easy & Secure Way to Collect Payments

Multi-ePay is a Payment Collection Platform that simplifies the payment collection process for individuals and businesses.

As a payment aggregator, we take care of collecting payments from all stakeholders so you can focus on seizing opportunities and growing your business & revenue.

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Multi-ePay’s Power-Packed Features

Collecting payment from various stakeholders and sources can be a painstaking task for businesses and service providers. Whether you are running an eCommerce business or a professional service, Multi-ePay helps businesses easily adopt online payment collection, without a hassle.

  • Multi-ePay Features

Multi-ePay Advantage

  • Flexible Pricing

    Flexible Pricing. No Hidden Cost.

    Discover a versatile Payment Collection Platform that is also easy on your wallet. We offer payment plans that enable businesses to accept any number or volume of payments without an extra cost.

    Scalable yet affordable Multi-ePay offers a transaction platform that grows with your business

  • Less Time to Market

    Less Time to Market

    Set up an online business and start collecting payments safely and securely from day one without the hassle of making down payments and lengthy registrations.

    Multi-ePay integration requires no formal business registration process or heavy set-up fees making the online payment process quick and accessible to any business, big or small.

  • Flexible Payment Models

    Flexible Payment Models

    Collect payments in any way that suits your business and needs. Whether you opt for an online shop, a website or an invoice shared through email, Multi-ePay offers help you to take control of your entire collections process.

  • Personal


    Collect Payments Securely & Reliably at Any Scale

    Are you a smallholder or a single-person business, dreaming of growing your business online?
    Discover versatile payment collection features just right for you. 

    No lengthy processors

    No lengthy processors or financial barriers

    Start collecting payment from day one without a business registration or hefty downpayment. 

    Cross Border Payments

    Build for Cross Border Payments 

    Reach beyond boundaries and build your future without worrying about whether you can handle complex global transactions.

    Multiple Payment Methods

    Multiple Payment Methods

    With a single integration, you can now accept and collect payments from a range of payment methods, whether it's all major debit or credit cards, digital wallets or bank transfers. 

  • Business


    Is your business in need of a payment collection platform that helps with effortless end-to-end payment flow? 

    Discover a platform that grows with your business and ambitions.

    Customizable Payment Flows

    Customisable Payment Flows

    We provide you with the flexibility to customise and manage the best payment workflows for your business needs.

    Dedicated Support

    Dedicated Support 

    At Multi-ePay we take the time to understand your business requirement and provide you with the support to solve your payment challenges.

    Real-Time Reports and Insights

    Real-Time Reports and Insights 

    Access real-time data from all transactions and integrate with your organisational reporting tools to gain insight without the overwork. 

Use Cases

Whether you are selling products or providing a service, operating a restaurant education organization, or a private tutor, Hotelier Multi-ePay is convenient both for you and the customer. Here are a few ways you can use Multi-ePay.

  • Websites & Online Shops

    Websites & Online Shops

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  • Payment Links

    Payment links

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  • Subscriptions and Recurring Payments

    Subscriptions and Recurring Payments

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Frequently Asked Questions

Need more help? We got you covered. Find the answers to your frequently asked questions about Multi-ePay below.

  • How do I collect payments with Multi-ePay?

    Multi-ePay allows merchants and service providers to collect all relevant payments through different payment channels and settle them as one payment at the end of the payment cycle through the Acquiring Bank.

  • What are the service fees?

    Contact us on (+94) 112 755 755 or (+94) 771 204 020 and get to know the pricing plans.

  • Are there any package-based transaction limits for Multi-ePay?

    To enable merchants and service providers of various sizes from various industries Multi-ePay offers a tier-free payment collection. With Multi-ePay, the amount of payment you can collect will not be restricted by price packagers or tiers.

  • Who can benefit from Multi-ePay payment?

    Whether you are an SME or a large enterprise, any type of business can accept online payments with Multi-ePay. Multi-ePay is especially designed to enable small and medium-sized enterprises to adopt online transactions without a heavy investment, so they can focus on growing their business, without worrying about the complexities of payment processing.

  • When will we receive the payment funds to our bank account?

    Multi-ePay payments are settled within 1-3 workings days from the date of transaction, depending on the payment type.

  • What are the currencies supported by Multi-ePay?

    Multi-ePay supports both LKR and USD payments. To allow businesses to expand their reach around the world, we are working on enabling more currencies and settlements.

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